Plea agreement reached in 1957 Sheboygan homicide case

SHEBOYGAN — A 76 year old Sheboygan woman pleaded no contest Monday to killing her infant daughter more than 50 years ago.

Ruby Klokow was charged in 2011 with second-degree murder in the death of her six month old baby. In 1957, the mother told police her daughter had fallen from a sofa and hit her head.

Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe De Cecco recommended the jail term of 45 days plus 10 years probation for Klokow, citing her advanced age and health as factors.

Klokow was charged with second-degree murder after her son, James Klokow Jr., came forward in 2008 with stories of childhood abuse.

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  • Michael Thee

    45 days? Seriously? Our judicial system is a joke.

  • Joe Blake

    I hope that 45 days in jail teaches her a lesson.

  • Duane Fischer

    45 days for committing murder—thats insane!!!