Sheboygan County Humane Society director faces felony drug charge

SHEBOYGAN — The executive director of the Sheboygan County Humane Society was charged Wednesday with obtaining prescription drugs by fraud and for the delivery/possession/manufacture of prescription drugs, which is a felony.

Eilene Ribbens, 59, who lives at 424 North Avenue in Sheboygan, faces more than three years in prison and $10,000 in fines if convicted of both charges.

According to the criminal complaint, Sheboygan Police allege Ribbens illegally ordered 1,000 pills of tramadol hydrochloride — a powerful pain medication. She allegedly used the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project’s credit card to pay the bill and lied to co-workers, saying she was ordering the pills for a dog who couldn’t afford the meds, out of the “kindness of her heart.” However, Ribbens later admitted to police she actually sent the medication via Fed-Ex to her sister and niece.

The Humane Society’s veterinarian discovered earlier this year that Ribbens ordered large amounts of prescriptions from a New Jersey pharmacy last year.

  • Tammy Erdmann

    It’s really sad when some one takes the money meant to be used tor the welfare of homeless animals.I would like to know the street value of what was bought and probably sold was.$10,000. fine may not be enough the money is gone.
    If the shelter has that kind of money I wish it were spent a little more on the animals.I donate money each year as well as many items that they need.Animal abuse comes in many forms.

  • DaisyDiddles


  • Tabatha Plass

    She actually lives in Elkhart Lake, not Sheboygan

  • John Duerwaechter

    I wonder if the SCHC could lose their license as a result of this, and if so, i hope the judge has mercy on the facility to continue operation.

  • John Duerwaechter

    i feel there neds to be a better type of security sytem when ordering meds at this facility, so this won’t happen again, especially if there ae large quantities of drugs involved.

  • Edger Derby

    This is a self appointed board with NO accountability to anyone. They back Eileen and are going to start hunting anyone else they can blame for their girl’s actions. It is called ‘enabling.’