Two girls rescued from Lake Michigan near Deland Park

SHEBOYGAN — Emergency personnel rushed to a Sheboygan beach late Friday morning for a child who was struggling in the water.

The incident occurred at 11:29 AM near near Deland Park.

The Sheboygan Police Department received a report from the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office about a child struggling in the water. Firefighters arrived within minutes and found out two girls. According to Lt. Tim Kohlbeck, they were on a raft about 150 yards from shore when winds pushed them out towards open water.

The strong west wind began to push the girls out towards open water. At some point the girls became detached from the raft and were struggling to keep their heads above water. The mother of one of the girls swam out to them and was able to keep them afloat until firefighters arrived.

Kohlbeck said no injuries were reported. The Sheboygan Police Department and the United States Coast Guard assisted the Sheboygan Fire Department.